Columbia Bean and Produce - Moses Lake Washington
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Fiesta Beans

Fiesta Brand Beans

Columbia Bean and Produce, Inc.

P.O. Box 122 - 2705 Road "O" NE

Moses Lake, WA 98837 (USA)


Large Limas

Baby Limas

Light Red Kidneys

Green Split Peas

Parboiled Rice

Black Turtles


Yellow Split Peas

Yellow Select Popcorn

Green Whole Peas

White Popcorn


Small Reds

Dark Red Kidneys


Yellow Whole Peas

Yellow High Yield Popcorn


Small Whites




Pearl Barley

Great Northerns

Red Lentils

Cal-Rose Brown Rice

Cal-Rose White Rice

Jasmine Rice

Long Grain Brown Rice

Please call me and let me serve you.

Jeff Strobel - Sales - Columbia Bean and Produce - Moses Lake Washington

Jeff Strobel, Sales

Toll Free: (800) 411-2167

Email: Jeff Strobel

We have several delicious dry soups mixes available, including 11 bean soups, 13 bean soups and 16 bean soups. We can also custom mix soup blends for you. Call me and let me know what you need.